We are located in downtown Carmel, Indiana in the Arts & Design District. Join us for breakfast or lunch along the Monon Trail just off 2nd Street.


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In 2003, we opened Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream® with the hopes of pleasing customers with great quality food, a simple menu and a fun atmosphere. Over the years, we’ve seen the area around us (now the Carmel Arts and Design District) change quickly and dramatically. The biggest change has been the addition of so many more residential areas around the district and the Monon Trail. We thought that a neighborhood breakfast place would be just what the area needed. Unfortunately, we didn’t have storage for more food available at Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream so our location just down the trail on 2nd Avenue proved to be just the right location.

Bub’s Café opened for business on May 23, 2007. Many customers have commented that Bub’s Burgers gives them the feel that they are on vacation so we intended to carry out that theme further at Bub’s Café. With the help of Patty Costlow and Paulette Boncutter of Design Sense (also in the Carmel Arts and Design District), we feel that we have captured an irresistible bright and sunny feeling. We hope that you will come and experience our “dreamy oasis” along the Monon Trail!

Please come and enjoy our delicious Signature Blend coffee, large selection of Gourmet Hot Teas, omelets made with fresh ingredients, special recipe pancakes, down home biscuits and gravy, fresh made Bub Holes (donut holes), and our popular Quiche of the Day! While Bub’s Café may appeal to more “grown – up” tastes than Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream, we still promise the same high quality ingredients and great service you have come to expect from the name Bub’s!